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Hakim Ji takes pride in being one of the best and most reputed clinics, addressing sexual problems through the approach of interactive discussion with the patients, tailor-made formulas, specialist consultation, and natural remedial process. Being the best sexologist in Delhi, We have created a remarkable presence amongst renowned medical fraternities, and all attributes for this upshot go to our dedicated and upright professionalism that we use while dealing with the patients.

Our extensive knowledge on sexual diseases and how these ailments transform into marital discords among couples have earned us a respectable name in the market, and people trust our expertise and approach us to get expert consultation from the best sexologist doctor in Delhi to resolve their sexual issues.

We follow the approach toward the treatment of sexual disease based on herbal therapy, to which we imbibe ancestral knowledge by unifying it with cutting-edge technology and creating natural medicine for curing sexual ailments in the patients. We have delivered satisfactory medical solutions to thousands of sex-diseased patients, thereby achieving a mark of excellence in our forte as the best and trusted healthcare center for the solution to sex-related syndromes.

What We Do?

We are trusted as the best sex doctor in Delhi because we care for our patients.

Like it’s said, to adopt a healthy lifestyle, one must develop some good habits such as the habit of healthy eating, taking proper rest, sharing their concerns with family and friends, and adopt a moderate lifestyle. Similarly, one must not avoid talking about their sexual problems, as it’s among those barriers that can affect not just the mindset but can also affect the patient’s and his/her partner’s overall life.

Issues Faced By Married Couples

Sexual problems affect marital life to the point of creating domestic strife, in the worst-case – divorce.

For married couples, this is sorely an embarrassing issue. Personal life gets disturbed due to the disease. Most people can’t retain self-respect. They start to depreciate their values. They negatively rate their personality and feel that their life is not worth living. The disease carries with it pessimistic convulsion, driving people into confinement in their world. Most are also observed abandoning social life.

Flustered by the disorder, most couples go to clinics or hospitals offering treatment for sex-related issues. If you found yourself facing any sexual problem, you must find the right sexologist to share your problems. If you don’t want your sexual problems to create issues in your happy married life, then come to us. We are Hakim Ji- the best sexologist doctor in Delhi.

We have been into the medical treatment of sexual syndromes for years, and now enjoy a pervasive reputation as one of the most sought-after clinics that the patients like to bank upon.

You can consult the best sex doctor in Delhi for the following reasons

Due to sex-related issues, problems in life could be aplenty. Hence, immediate medical attention is required if your problem is inflexible to go away naturally. Thankfully due to advancement in the medical field, treatment for sex-related issues are no longer impossible to handle. If you narrow down your quest to areas of place you are living, you will find many clinics dedicated to curing sexual issues. If you are living in the Delhi NCR region and looking for such options, then consult Hakim Ji- the best sexologist in Delhi for the following reasons.

Our Main Location

Business Name : Hakim Hari Kishan Lal Dawakhana, Sexologist in Delhi, India

Address : Ground Floor, 1/14, East Patel Nagar, Opp. to Metro Pillar No, 173, New Delhi, Delhi 110008

WhatsApp No. : +91-9560475553

Call No. : +91-08826690447

Timing : Monday To Saturday - 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM | Sunday - 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Email : info@dawakhanas.com

Health and safety : Appointment required · Mask required

Our Highlights

We help you gain your self-esteem back and live a happy married life.

Sex diseases are getting quite widespread in India and around the world. People suffering from it would tend to lose self-esteem and get depressed as they hope to get quality treatment is construed to be nil. Today the medical science has improved so much that it offers numerous options for effective treatment of various diseases which were considered to be untreatable due to the absence of effective and sufficient medications. Speaking of sex-related issues, it’s one of those unfortunate issues that affecting the lives of married couples throughout the world today. With a rising population diseased with sexual problems, a responsive medication to the same is a worldwide demand. To get quality treatment for sex-related problems, it is a must to avail the same from a reputable Sexologist Doctor In Delhi. Hakim Ji is one the oldest clinics and renowned sex clinics in New Delhi established intending to confer reliable consultation to the needy patients.

What Makes Us The Best Sexologist in Delhi?

  • A team of qualified sex doctor in Delhi takes care of patients in the most professional manner. Such a thing is not sighted at hospitals where untrained staff fails to understand the patient’s needs, forgets to take care of other vital things as well.
  • Experienced and educated doctors at Hakim Ji ensure that the treatment for sex-related issues is provided to the patients with an attentive gesture. Many of our doctors are specialized in the treatment.
  • Being a reputable sexologist doctor in Delhi , Hakin Ji is always trusted due to our spotless management. We are proud to say that our gleaming infrastructure exhibiting elegance.
The sexual disease could affect the lifestyle of any patient. A consequence of such ailment is emotionally shattering, forcing the patient to embrace a life of seclusion. If you want to overcome such situations and live a happy married life, then consult your problems with Hakim Hari Kishan Lal Dawakhanas - the Best Sexologist in Delhi. You can trust us for attaining quality treatment without incurring heavy expenses for the same.
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