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Common Sex Related Problems

Every three men out of five face some kind of sexual dysfunction in bed and cannot completely satisfy their partners. Sexual dysfunction is a term used for some problems in any of the phases of sexual activity. 43 percent of women have similar problems too. There can be problems in excitement, plateau, orgasm, or resolution. Erectile dysfunction is a problem in arousal which comes under the excitement category.

Research proves that sexual dysfunctions are very common. Still, people aren’t able to openly discuss the sexual problems they are facing. They are hesitant because they’re shy. Since any such problem can be treated, these must be discussed with the partner and the medical practitioner who can help.

Our Sexologist doctors in Faridabad will keep your privacy their top concern and the Ayurvedic medicines will cure sexual disfunction without side effects at very low costs in no time.

Types of Sexual Dysfunctions

Sexual Dysfunctions can be categorized into four types:

  • Desire Disorder: Not having enough desire for sex.
  • Arousal Disorder: Not able to get physically aroused by anyone.
  • Orgasm Disorders: Delay or no orgasm.
  • Pain Disorder: Any kind of pain during intercourse.

All these types are common and treatable if the patient reaches a practitioner on time.

Symptoms of Sexual Dysfunction

The symptoms are different in men and women. These can be seen anytime, in puberty or the late 60s also.

Some common symptoms in men are:

  • Inability to maintain the erection suitable for the complete intercourse.
  • Delayed or no ejaculation despite adequate stimulation.
  • Cannot control the time of ejection.

Symptoms in women:

  • Unable to achieve orgasm at all.
  • Not sufficient lubrication in the vagina during intercourse.
  • Vaginal muscles not relaxing enough for intercourse.

Symptoms common to men and women:

  • Lack of sexual desire.
  • Not aroused by anyone.
  • Having some pain during intercourse.

These sexual dysfunctions have been the reason behind unsuccessful married life or divorces. If one of the partners is facing these, others won’t be sexually satisfied.

The causes of these dysfunctions can be physical or mental. Heart diseases, diabetes, hormonal imbalance, neurological disorders, or chronic diseases related to liver or kidney can cause sexual dysfunctions. Alcoholism, drug abuse, or taking huge amounts of steroids are other reasons for these problems. Some anti-depressant drugs have side effects that affect a person sexually. Psychological reasons include high-stress levels due to work or personal life issues, anxiety, concerns about your performance during sex, depression, relationship problems, feelings of guilt, or having doubts about your body or performance. Some past trauma that had some impact on the patient’s life can also be the cause.

Dawakhana in Faridabad

Usually, people start facing such problems at the time of puberty and identify them but they aren’t able to talk about these. This makes the case worse. If the problem is identified and the patient is brought to us at the Dawa khana, our experts can cure any such problem with natural Ayurvedic herbs at very low costs. Several people walk by our clinic happily and satisfied daily. They live a happy sexual life later only because they came to us at the right time. We have a very high success rate and the Ayurvedic herbs used to have no side-effects, unlike synthetic foreign medicines which are costly and cause a lot of side effects without any guarantee of them working.


Q - How can sexual dysfunctions be prevented?

A - Sexual dysfunctions can be prevented by preventing physical conditions that cause sexual dysfunctions such as Heart diseases, diabetes, hormonal imbalance, neurological disorders, or chronic diseases related to liver or kidney. Any kind of depression, relationship problems, feelings of guilt, or doubts about your body or performance should also be prevented.

Q - Does insurance cover sexual dysfunctions?

A - Most insurances cover these but some might not.

Q - Are foreign medicines useful in curing these?

A - While some of these can cure sexual dysfunctions, these cause numerous side effects which can be prevented by Ayurvedic medicines.

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