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Common Sexual Problems

Many people face a different kind of sexual problems at different stages of their life. They are shy to discuss these with anyone and hence feel alone with it. Sometimes, even when you are normal, you might feel like you’re facing sexual dysfunction because of incomplete sex education. The cause of sexual problems can be physical or psychological. In case it’s physical, you must reach our experts and discuss your problem as soon as possible. In case of psychological reasons, sometimes discussing your problem with the partner can help. If not, you must contact our practitioner.

Symptoms of Sexual Problems

There are some common symptoms that almost every person having sexual dysfunction or abnormality faces. Some of these are:

  • Asexuality: Asexuality is not having enough sexual desires or very little sexual desires. An asexual person can feel an emotional attachment with their partner but they aren’t sexually attracted.

  • No Desire: Loss of desire can be total or partial. The partial loss means when you don’t initialize the intercourse but do respond if the partner starts. In some cases, the patient has a desire for one partner but not for others. In case of a total loss, the person doesn’t even respond if other starts. The patient doesn’t want any kind of sexual contact.

  • High Desire: This is common among teenagers. Someone might have a very high desire to have intercourse. This might not be a problem. Rather it can be a good sign for your sexual health. But it can affect your relations with many. You might not be able to have a good non-sexual relationship with the opposite gender.

  • Uncomfortable sexual desire: Sexual fantasies are very common. Some people have fantasies that are weird and their partner can’t satisfy them. Your partner can be uncomfortable with your fantasies because they’re weird and not usual.

Any of the above symptoms means you need to consult our medical practitioners as soon as you can. If you keep delaying, the situation will become worse. In some cases, it becomes incurable. Trying synthetic foreign medicines is also not a very good option since they have multiple side-effects and the result is not guaranteed.

Ayurveda has discovered some very rare herbs and used them to create our medicines which have the capabilities to cure any such disease at a very low cost, without pain, and without side effects. Yes, these medicines do not affect your body at all. These are made from natural herbs and without any synthetic material. Unlike synthetic foreign medicines, these are easy to digest, and the body responds to them very soon and positively.

Dawakhana at Ghaziabad

Hakim Ji Dawakhana, Ghaziabad is a well known, sexologist clinic visited by numerous people daily who leave this place smiling. They live a happy sexual life later only because they came to us at the right time. We have a very high success rate and the Ayurvedic herbs used to have no side-effects, unlike synthetic foreign medicines which are costly and cause a lot of side effects without any guarantee of them working. We have the best doctors from around the world who have thoroughly studied Ayurveda and have been practicing medicine for a sufficiently long time. They know a patient’s needs very well.


Q - What is Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

A - As people pass puberty, they often face sexual problems. One such very common problem is Erectile Dysfunction (ED). It is a condition in males when they can’t get an erection or the erection doesn’t last long enough for intercourse.

Q - How do Ayurvedic medicines treat patients?

A - Sexual Dysfunctions can be very easily treated with Ayurvedic medicines and methods. These methods include taking medicines orally or using massages and oils. We examine you, conduct clinical trials, provide you the right medicine, and get you cured.

Q - What causes sexual dysfunctions?

A - The causes of sexual dysfunctions can be physical or mental. Heart diseases, diabetes, hormonal imbalance, neurological disorders, or chronic diseases related to liver or kidney can cause sexual dysfunctions. Psychological reasons include high-stress levels due to work or personal life issues, anxiety, concerns about your performance during sex, depression, relationship problems, feelings of guilt, etc.

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