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Ayurvedic sexology is designed in such a way so that it can cure all the sexual disorders. It produces long-lasting results. In India, visiting a sexologist is a kind of taboo. We understand that most people do not feel comfortable while sharing such things. But if you visit Hakim Ji Dawakhana in Karol Bagh, you would not find any sense of hesitation. We provide our clients with a friendly environment and understand which kinds of feelings people face when they don’t have a healthy and happy sex life.

Our clinic is located at Karol Bagh in Delhi and we have been producing long-lasting results by giving the promising treatment so far. Now, many couples are not only enjoying their married life but also their sex life.

Why should you go through the procedure of Ayurvedic treatment?

  • Sexual enjoyment is one of the most important aspects of sex life. If it is missing, somehow, there will be stress and worry. And stress and worry are not good for sex life either. Sometimes, people have a problem like low libido, less sexual stamina, erectile dysfunction, low spam count, and less self-esteem. So they are suggested to come to our clinic once because we know the best solutions and treatments that make you feel sexually healthy.

  • Undoubtedly, Ayurveda has promising and natural treatments to cure sex problems so far. The best part of this Ayurvedic treatment is there is no chance of side effects. But Allopathic treatments do have side effects, and you may come across the adverse impact. And that is something you are looking for.

  • So if you are not happy in your sex life, and you are losing your self-esteem, somehow, we would then strongly suggest you visit our clinic in Karol Bagh once, and consult your sex problem with our sexologist without being hesitated at any time. You can book the appointment online as well.

The treatments that we offer

Hakim JI Dawakhana has been providing natural treatments regarding penis enlargement, erectile dysfunction, low libido, and low spam count, etc. These are the main causes that not let the sex partners have that level of pleasure while having sex, they deserve. But do not get more worried about it because we have the best solutions.

  • The size of the penis matters to reach a great level of pleasure. And a small size of the penis can mitigate the self-esteem of the male partner. The reason for such an issue can vary from person to person. But do get bothered, visit our clinic, you will find the best solutions and the best results.

  • If a man is not able to hold the erection for long, it is then called the problem of erectile dysfunction. In such cases, the male partner loses the strength of the penis before intercourse. This happens because the penis does not have enough blood circulation.

  • And to get fast results many people take the help of external supplements and medications that cause the issue of low self-esteem further. Other sex problems are seen very often like low libido, premature ejaculation, excess nightfall, and low spam count, etc. It is better to go through under our Ayurvedic treatment and we have perfect treatments of these major problems. Our sex experts are always available for you.

Visit some FAQ’s

How much the treatment cost us?

There is a charge for consulting to our sexologists and you should come for that. The Ayurvedic herbs and medicine are natural, so they are not that expensive. It depends upon the treatment of how much it cost, but one line saying it is not expensive.

Which kind of treatment I will be given?

Ayurvedic treatments are all about natural things. You might be given medicines and herbs, and you might be told to do some special exercises that are beneficial to enhance sexual desires.

How long it takes to cure my low libido problem?

Well, there are various reasons like physical, mental, and others that cause low libido. First, by discussing to our client we figure out the root causes of the problem. It can then easy to tell how long will it go.

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