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Lead Towards A Better Sex Life With Ayurvedic Treatments

Having a good sex life has many benefits leading a person towards getting relaxation from stressful day work, getting relief from anxiety and depression. Sexual intercourse needs the efforts of both men and women to make the activity better and satisfying for both. However, there are 3 men out of five who face sexual problems due to their various reasons and end up not satisfying their partners. We at Dawakhana shafakhaana offer some of the most effective solutions for improving sex life by solving the men’s sexual problems. The best part of having had a consultation and treatment with sexologists at Dawakhana shafakhaana is that the treatment is with Ayurvedic herbs and plants.

Various services we offer:

Treatments of your sex problems with Ayurvedic herbs are different than that of surgeries of other clinics. Having your treatment with Ayurvedic herbs that are 100% natural does not have any side effects on the body; instead, it results in one to lead a better satisfying sex life. Sexologists at Dawakhana shafakhaana are skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced in the field of offering Ayurvedic treatments to men so that they can lead a better sex life. There may be various reasons due to which a man cannot have a better sex life and we provide the best out of services to make their sexual performance better. Some of the major services we provide are:

  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED): This problem is caused due to various reasons. Still, the major reason is the improper circulation and the reach of the blood, some heart disease, high blood pressure, and several others too, and ends up ruining the sex life of a person due to the erection problem. Sexologists at Dawakhana shafakhaana offer some of the best Ayurvedic Oils that need to be rubbed on the penis to make it function properly and allows you to perform better on the bed satisfying your partner and enjoying sex life.

  • The size of the penis: The larger the size of the penis, the more it gets feelers, and the more the partner is satisfied. The large size of the penis will lead you to better sex life. However, many men do not have a large size of their penis, and as a result, they demotivate themselves causing anxiety and depression. Sometimes it can lead to divorce between two. To confront this situation of the size of the penis, We provide the best Ayurvedic herbs and treatments that have a direct effect on the metabolism rate and results in the enlargement of the penis.

  • Nightfall: It is caused majorly due to reason of lack of activities related to sex. Other reason for nightfall includes the thick sperm, watching pornographic content in excess and others. This may turn out to be a problem for many men causing insomnia, knee problems, poor vision, dizziness, and several others too. It also affects one’s sex life. Ayurvedic treatment at Dawakhana shafakhaana with some Ayurvedic herbs allows one to tackle these various number of problems of nightfall.

  • Solutions to the first night can be a lot of Benefit for a man. We offer some great Ayurvedic medicines that allow one to increase their potential and helps them to stay and last for more time on bed with their partner and as a result, the partner gets satisfied more.

  • Online and offline services allow convincing customers. One can consult with some of the best sexologists of Dawakhana shafakhaana and get their problems solved most efficiently. We have our online portals where one can chat through texts or call for some of the great consultancy services and get provided with the medicine. Talking on the point of Ayurvedic medicines and pills, we offer online delivery services of the herbs you need at your home.

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Ayurveda has the oldest instincts of it and popular for some of the great positive effects Globally. It helps a person to tackle a wide number of problems. However, Dawakhana in Mumbai delivers some of the Ayurvedic herbs that help a person to make their sex life better and satisfying their partners if they are unable to do so due to their various reasons.


1. What are its effects on the body?

The Ayurvedic Treatments at Dawakhana shafakhaana in Mumbai offers one to tackle various problems that do not have any side effects on the body and are 100% natural.

2. Does it cost too much?

The cost of the Ayurvedic medical treatments at Dawakhana shafakhaana in Mumbai is not too high and is provided at an affordable cost.

3. Does the treatment take more time?

We have some of the best sexologists and offer the best treatment depending upon the problem. The treatment takes some ideal time to lead you towards a better and satisfying sex life.

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