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What are Common Sex Problems?

As people pass puberty, they often face sexual problems. One very common problem many often face is Erectile Dysfunction (ED). If not cured on time it can affect your life drastically. In many cases, it has been the cause of their divorce and could have been prevented if it was treated at the correct time. People often take fancy foreign medicines for these problems. However, these have a lot of side effects. These often don’t work and you might waste an awful sum of money on them. A better option to treat this problem is to consult a Sexologist Doctor at a Dawakhana.

The Ayurvedic treatments don’t have any major side effects and are not as costly as foreign treatments. These have a high success rate too. Every day, more people are moving towards Ayurveda. It has been proved that currently, Ayurvedic treatments are best for ED if you don’t want side effects. At Dawakhana, we have registered doctors and medical practitioners who can treat you effectively at affordable prices.

There are cases when in the initial days of the problem, the patient was not treated or he wasn’t treated properly by the doctors. In some cases, the proper medicines were not given or the medicine given had huge side effects on the patient. Hair loss is a common side effect of such medicines. If a patient is taken late to the doctor, the situation might become incurable and the patient might become impotent for life or might not have a happy sex life ever. Hence, it is very important to reach out to the correct doctor. Our patients have never regretted consulting our doctors. If you reach us on time, you can save your sex life!

How do we treat our patients?

Any kind of sex problem can be treated with Ayurveda. For example, ED can be very easily treated with Ayurvedic medicines and methods. These methods include taking medicines orally or using massages and oils. We examine you, conduct clinical trials, provide you the right medicine, and get you cured. A huge number of marriages were saved by us only because men reached us at the correct time and the correct age.

Apart from Erectile Disfunction, there are lots of other sex-related problems prominent among men and women. Most of these can be identified at the age of puberty. Some of these problems include the small size of the penis, impotence, low libido, premature ejaculation, and many others. Ayurveda has discovered some very rare herbs and used them to create our medicines which have the capabilities to cure any such disease at a very low cost, without pain, and without side effects. Yes, these medicines do not affect your body at all. These are made from natural herbs and without any synthetic material. Unlike foreign medicines, these are easy to digest, and the body responds to them very soon and positively. Our specialists have complete Ayurvedic knowledge and will only give you the medicine which will suit you.

Dawakhana in Noida

Hakim Ji Dawakhana, a very well known, sexologist clinic located in Noida is visited by numerous people daily who leave this place smiling. We’ve cured thousands of patients and are curing more of them daily. We have the best doctors from around the world who have thoroughly studied Ayurveda and have been practicing medicine for a sufficiently long time. They know a patient’s needs very well and ensure that no medicine is given to the patient that can have opposite effects on him. We have herbs and medicines available even for the rarest problems.

Every three in five men have some kind of sexual abnormality or are suffering from some kind of sexual deficiency. We have been working to remove these abnormalities and we have been very successful.


Q - At what age are sexual deficiencies identified?

A - These can be identified mostly around puberty.

Q - What percentage of men suffer from ED?

A - 12 percent of men below the age of 60 suffer from ED.

Q - Is ED normal with aging?

A - No, ED is not a part of aging. Older men might need more stimulation but should get an erection.

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