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The concept of Ayurveda grew out of the traditional Sanskrit myth-pleasures that believed in the natural science of medicinal substitutes and how therapeutic values and needs can be maintained by ayurvedic medicine, as differing from the modern scientific allopathy. Health issues are one part, but what’s kept away from mainstream grievances is the problems of sexual gratification and the imbalances associated with it, for both male and female counterparts. Many people are wary of consulting a sexologist but we, the Dawakhana Clinic, offer substantial client support with perfect requirements to make your sex life beautiful and happy.

Things to Know More

Do you know everyone suffers from a sexual problem once in their lifetime? People often go through sexually transmitted diseases and severe health problems due to their hormonal imbalances and dysfunctions. Even though today, we are skeptical about bringing up topics like STD, erectile dysfunction or infertility because the entirety of sex and its study is considered a taboo in India due to the prominent lack of sex education among the educated masses.

But this Ayurvedic sexologist clinic can come up with greater concerns like proper treatment and doctor-patient confidentiality, among other wonders running in our mind. The source of 100% natural herbal treatments is solely designed to end up treating the illness at the right time without the inclusion of harmful side-effects. We implement professionally qualified sexologists and it is our Dawakhana clinics that are spread across the United Kingdom that provide intensive care and specialized attention to people suffering from any small or big sexual problem. Some of the combinations of natural ingredients that are commonly used are

1. Swarna, Moti and Heera Bhasma.

2. Ashwagandha, Triphala.

3. Vajikarana therapy.

4. Cinnamomum cassia

What’s interesting is to record that ayurvedic medicine has been around for millennia, but are not used effectively. Our trained sexologists ensure the effectiveness of these obscure herbs and root shrubs to ensure patients’ safety with the clinical combination of the mechanism of action, dosage, and drug or food interactions of Ayurvedic treatments that are largely unknown.

The possible web searches will help you locate our clinic among the top 10 ayurvedic sexologists across the world. Providing network around the extended parts of the United Kingdom and other popular locations, Hakim Ji Dawa Khana clinic is sufficient to attract clients with their 100% Ayurveda oriented methods and procedure alongside the distribution of medicinal herbs to eradicate the root of sexual inefficiency.


When it comes to the location of the United Kingdom, our Dawakhana sexologist clinics are spread across the most popular locations of the British countryside so that people may be more benefitted about treating their marital or midlife problems that overtly cause due to the hormonal imbalance or other factors. The United Kingdom is indeed a big country and several clinics would lead to providing medical assistance in sexual deficiencies. But out of a total 69 cities, our clinics range more towards England and Scotland.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are concerned about finding the suitable sexologist clinic with a discreet, professional relationship, our clinic in Maharashtra and also in other metros can come to your rescue.

1. Is My Erectile Dysfunction Due to Bad Lifestyle?

Erectile dysfunction and other sexual dysfunctions can happen due to the consumption of unhealthy and junk foods mostly. But our ayurvedic vajikarak medicines can help prevent that.

2. Can I avail of the services without visiting the clinic and how can I trust it?

We provide free consultation and free check-up services for first-timers so that they can believe in our trustworthy treatments. Also, clinics in the UK must be visited for therapies, but medicines and other dispensaries are also shipped online.

3. Why should I trust an ayurvedic sexologist?

Ayurveda has many health benefits and that is why our therapeutic elements are combined with proper Ayurveda procedure so that the problems can be taken down by root. Our customer reviews are updated to keep you aware.

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